The basics of playing Basic Thai Sic Bo.

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Basic Thai Sic Bo has a method of playing similar to a normal sic bo in a general casino. By the way, playing is quite simple and fixed. Using the device is a dice with numbers 1-6, 3 balls, betting paper, cover and plate. By the way of playing just put 3 dice in a plate. And cover it with a sealed cover. After that it began to shake until still before opening the glass cover. Then the player has to choose to Thai Sic Bo. games by UFABET 

There are 5 easy betting methods:

  1. High-Low Betting:  The most classic of the most popular bets. The sum of the 3 dice must be 12-18 to win the bet, and the Low bet is that the sum of the 3 dice must be 4-10 to win.
  2. Favorite bet:  It is a single number bet. who think that that number will be issued, such as bet that the number eight will be issued, which is the bet in this way It is a bet that has a great chance of winning. But the payout rate is less than other forms of betting. The payout rate is 1 to 1.
  3. Tod bet: It is a bet on 2 numbers, where two numbers must be drawn in 2-3 dice to get a prize, for example, if bet on numbers 2 and number 4, the dice must be issued 2-4-1 , 2-4- 5, 2-4-6 like this is considered to be a correct bet to receive the prize itself. Toad bets are popular enough because the payout rate is 1 to 5, which is considered a high payout rate.
  4. Even bets: bets on whether the sum of the 3 dice will turn out to be even or odd. There will be a payout rate of 1 to 1.
  5. Bet 11:  It is a bet that the sum of 3 balls must have a value of 11. With this bet having a payout rate of 5 or more. Depending on the conditions in each game.