Sadio Mane admits it was not easy to adapt to Bayern.

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Sadio Mane admits adapting as a Bayern Munich football player is not easy. After all the changes on and off the pitch.

Senegal forward Sadio Mane admits adapting to Bayern Munich after joining from Liverpool has not been easy. Although the 30-year-old has not been doing badly, scoring six goals in his first 12 games against the Tigers. According to ‘Sports1’ on Sunday UFABET

‘It’s been going well.’ said Mane. ‘The transition from one club to another is not easy. I spent eight very good years in England, six years at Liverpool [after] two years at Southampton. And now I’m in a new country.’

‘It’s not easy. Because everything changed suddenly: people, training, everything, everything changed. It’s not easy I have to adapt, I know that and it’s no surprise. It’s happening the way I imagined.’

‘People here are welcome. And they are real players. The people in the club are amazing. So I’m very happy.’

However, it was not a good start for Bayern Munich by their standards. After finishing third in the table and winning only half of his games in the first eight games of the season, Mane has no doubts about the talent and quality of the squad. And confirm that he is happy to be part of a group of young players.

‘We have a very young team. It’s the first time in my career to be part of such a young group of players.’ Mane said.