Roulette History.

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Roulette History a betting game that has been talked about for more than 3 centuries. For roulette has a very interesting history. Many people assume that it is a game invent by a French mathematician whose name Roulette. That we are familiar with today is synonymous with the French word “little wheel”.

From the assumption that arises that it is believe. That the French mathematician Blaise Pascal invented this type of gambling game. Which will be designed as a small wheel with balls spinning around the edges of those wheels. And the rain that will fall. I have defined the form of roulette. games by UFABET 

Roulette or Roulette is a game that looks like a spinning wheel game. It is a random guess of the numbers 0 to 36, a total of 37 numbers. Divide into 18 black numbers, 18 red numbers and 1 green number. Which is the number 0.

Roulette has become more and more popular. With the conditions of entering and placing bets easily. Including options that have more types of betting than other types of bets. Therefore it has increasing in popularity continuously.

There are currently two variations. The European style with 37 betting options. And the American style with one more slot becoming 38 bets.