Origin of Sicbo.

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Origin of Sicbo. Born by a group of Chinese people working as construction workers. They made bricks (clay) and carve numbers on them. It can be consider a dice in ancient times. Which is use for gambling with placing bets.

They would then throw the bricks carve into the ground. And guess what the number will be in the sequence. If anyone guesses correctly. They will receive a prize back. Which is similar to the modern day Sic Bo game. But in the past the rules were not clearly state.

Evolution of the Sic Bo title

Over time, this kind of game has become more and more popular. Because it’s a game that is easy to play. Fun and exciting until it has officially rename “Sik po” UFABET
Then this game has spread to the neighboring areas such as East Asian countries. Including Korea and the Philippines. In this country this type of gambling game was born of the word hi-low in this country. And when the era changed, this game evolved from using bricks as a device to play. Changing to using dice instead. And changed the name from Sikpo to Hi-Lo as we know today. 

Only the name calling will be different in each area. According to the history of Hilo. It is said that some call it Tai Sai or some call it Dai Siu. In English it is called Sicbo. Which translates directly. that it is high and low bet game In Macau. It is called Dai Siu meaning from largest to smallest part of the Asian continent Often referred to as “Sic Bo”