Haaland already knew something special had happened.

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Manchester City striker Erling Haaland believes something special is going to happen ahead of the Manchester derby. In the end, he scored a hat-trick in the opening game against Manchester United 6-3.

The Norwegian national team spearhead said: “It could be more. And in the second half, we should play tighter work a little harder. Because it seems careless sometimes. We were the losers the first time. And this is not good at all. So we still have to work hard.” UFABET

Asked about his debut in the Manchester derby, Haaland replied: “It’s good. I felt a little before the game that something special was going to happen. And we see today that something special has really happened. It’s really great.”

“on Friday I can feel it on the training ground. It’s a game that I want to play. These are the best games with a few extras.”

“Confidence is good, it’s always good, after we played against Liverpool in the Community Shield it was fine after that. I think it’s good that the game happened. something happened And I think I need to be a little more prepared.”

Another statistic spearheaded the Norwegian national team. He became the most goalscoring player in his first five games with nine goals, breaking the previous record held by Mickie Quinn and Sergio Aguero with eight goals in their first five games.