Gerrard bore Aston Villa like two points slipped out of hand.

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Aston Villa manager Steven Gerrard said his side looked two points off after a 0-0 draw with ten men Leeds United football team throughout the second half.

“I scratched my head and I was annoyed too. I’m sure my offensive players will be the same. Because we created enough chances to win in this game. We’re here to disappoint Leeds and maybe we’ve got the point before the game. UFABET But we should probably get three points too.”

“It wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t question the attacking players. And I want more quality. We had 19 shots and 12 shots in the box. And It should have been better, Leeds defended well and settled strong. But we created enough opportunities. It was the last moment that was missing. If we could find it, we would have been happy.”

“We need more goals. We want players to attack better. And more precisely, that (6 goals scored this season) is not enough at this time of the season. And we know we want to keep going. we will continue to work and planning rehearsals in the coming period. We will improve the defensive game a bit. And we need to keep doing it. But we also need to create these moments. And hopefully our players will swallow it.”

“Today it felt like Aston Villa lost two points and we missed the chance to get two more points to get in the middle of the table.”