Aston Villa didn’t penetrate Leeds United 0-0.

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Aston Villa who had an advantage over the players throughout the second half. Unable to break through to beat Leeds United in a game that was drawn 0-0. Divided by points per team.

English Premier League Football

Leeds United 0 – Aston Villa 0

Stadium: Elland Road

Starting the game, Leeds dominated most of the ball. But Villa had a chance to counterattack. In the 15th minute. Ollie Watkins dipped into the left penalty area and cut his shot with a left-footed shot immediately. But Illan Meeslier saved, although Coutinho tried again, but failed.

Villa still had a beautiful counter-attack throughout the 18th minute. Coutinho took the ball to dribble up the trigger before pulling the trigger right in front of the penalty area. But the ball did not escape Meslier received it. UFABET

In the 23rd minute, Leeds should have taken the lead when Mark Roca paid for Rodrygo Moreno to catch it before touching to shoot with the left in front of the penalty area. The ball flew out of the box a bit.

first half last minute The chance came back to Villa Leon Bailey, finding a shot from the right in front of the penalty area. But not through Meslier’s hand, the first 45 minutes ended 0-0.

In the second half in the 48th minute.

The defenders had to be left with 10 men when Luis Sinisterra, who had already been yellowed, went to raise a leg in the center of Villa’s free-kick unnecessarily. The referee gave a second yellow card. The red card was dismissed.

Villa then went on to attack hard in the 50th minute when Bailey opened from starboard to the far post for Coutinho to turn around with his right foot on the way to the pole and the ball bounced off Watkins. Again, it doesn’t feel right, so it slips out of the frame again.

The opportunity of belonging to the visiting team continued in the 71st minute, it was narrowly led when Ramsey paid to Emiliano Buendia, the reserve caught and spun with the right in front of the penalty area. The ball flew slightly towards the upper triangle.

Two minutes later, Villa had a corner kick, Ezry Konza headed off the far post in a very exciting way.

In the 89th minute, Villa had a clear win when Buendia gave a single pass for Watkins to tap into the left penalty area to shoot a narrow angle, but was saved by Meslier, who came out of the block quickly.

In stoppage time, Villa had another chance from John McGinn’s long-range shot, but the ball flickered out of the box.

Still, the visitors were nearly knocked out too, when Patrick Bamford snatched away Jan Bednarek into the left-hand penalty area and found a pass for Mateus Klich to run in. Came to shoot in the 6-yard box, good that McGinn followed and fell to block the ball over the crossbar in time.

The game ends, Leeds United draw with Aston Villa 0-0, divided by points per team.