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Chlorophyll is a substance that is beneficial to the function and health of the intestines. Especially constipation that results from illness. The doctor may prescribe chlorophyllin as an additional treatment for those who are constipated due to spinal cord injury. Colon cancer,  mental illness, terminally ill patients and those treated with abdominal surgery to remove waste.

In addition, exposure to chlorophyllin may help fight inflammation within the intestines. Mice with liver fibrosis can also be used. But the anti-inflammatory properties have only been tested on animals. UFABET Therefore, it is still not possible to confirm the properties of this substance if it is used in humans.


Chlorophyll contains vitamins and antioxidants. There is also supporting information that these substances may help slow down or inhibit the development of cancer cells. From animal studies, it was found that Chlorophyll may help inhibit the development of cancer cells in many organs. such as the liver and stomach 

Meanwhile, another experiment studying the anti-pancreatic cancer properties in rats found that. Chlorophyll in green plants may help balance free radicals and antioxidants to an appropriate level. The balance between free radicals and antioxidants may prevent cancer. In addition, green leafy vegetables rich in chlorophyll are an ideal food for cancer patients undergoing treatment. This type of substance may help skin wounds from radiation therapy heal faster.